This blog is expressly a vanity project. My main blog, a ‘look at what I can do aren’t I an amazing journalist you want to hire?’ type of thing, is about politics and current world events and normally attracts most of my attention as does my other freelance writing commitments and that History degree I do occasionally.

I have always been a reader, I was unnaturally precocious as a child and learnt to read relatively young compared to most kids (not drastically younger, I was never a wunderkid or anything) so I’d read almost anything I could get my hands, I was reading some adult fiction by ten.

As such, because I developed a taste for adult fiction I never naturally grew out of my love of kid’s fiction and to this day I still read both.

So as a result, there is no rhyme or reason to what I choose to blog about. It could be a review of anything from a non-fiction book about the future of Pakistan or the latest Diary of A Wimpy Kid book (the seventh one is out in November folks and yes I am excited). Or it could be news that I think is important or just amuses me. It could be a feature or comment piece about the whole of literature itself.

I’ll try to make this blog as regular as possible but it should normally settle into a fornightly pattern sooner or later.


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