Review: Day 11: The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

A lot of Chris Van Allsburg’s literature gets adapted for the big screen including this, Jumanjii and Zathura making him of the most successful non-J.K.Rowling writers for children.

This book, written in 1985, is regarded a modern day Christmas classic for young children and tells the story of a little boy who has grown skeptical over whether Santa really exists until a train ends up in his living room and the conductor invites him onboard to the North Pole. When he gets there he sees all the other children and elves waiting excitedly for Santa to make an appearance in the North Pole town centre. When he does arrive the boy is hand picked to ceremoninally receive the first Christmas present. He chooses the bell from Santa’s sleigh but finds that it slipped out of a hole in his pocket. The next morning he goes downstairs to find it wrapped up under the tree. When it rings he and his sister hear a beautiful rings sound but his parents hear nothing. He realises that only children can see and hear the magic of Santa’s sleigh because they are the only ones who truly believe. He says as time passed even his sister could no longer hear it except for him who knew the truth.

Its a sweet reflection on the importance of having faith, and evidence of course that Santa really does exist. If you see your child wavering this would a sweet and simple way to remind them of the truth.

In trying to make that not sound like indoctrination I really failed didn’t I?

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