Review: Day 9: The Gift of the Magi by O.Henry

*For the record, I’m getting sick of doing this.

I already explored the problem of gift giving to a loved one on Day 4 of this series of blogposts and here we see the problem anew with the story of a husband and wife struggling to come up with presents for each on a budget.

The story was written in 1906 by William Sydney Porter under the pseudonym O.Henry and is heavy on the sypury morality about the true meaning of gift giving and that love doesn’t come from a store.

Jim and Cecilia have two prized possessions each; Jim has his family heirloom gold watch and Cecilia has her long flowing hair. However, they have little else and as Christmas Eve approaches they frantically search for the perfect present for each other. In the end, in desperation, Cecilia sells her hair for $20 (eww) to buy a platinum band for Jim’s watch and goes home to him to find he sold his watch to buy her expensive combs to do up her lovely long hair.

Oh the irony.

My sarcasm aside, this is actually quite a sweet story eptomizing the phrase ‘its the thought that counts’. The extremes that they will go for each other are their true gifts on Christmas, the fact that the material goods are useless is irrelavent. In light of the madness this week with the post Christmas sales kicking off it is quite nice to see something about the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas that doesn’t get all religious.

Its still kinda sappy though.

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