Review: Day 6: An Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

For those who see the beginning of the Yuletide season as a chance to shout ‘Bah Humbug’ and those who don’t believe in God have an even harder time reconciling the rejection of the values ascribed to the holiday and the opportunity for three days off work where it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol at ten in the morning.

An Atheist’s Guide to Christmas is an attempt to reconcile Atheism and cynicism with childhood and adult memories of Christmas. A collection of essays from various big names as diverse as Charlie Brooker and Simon Le Bon, some are serious, some take the piss but all reflect on what it means to celebrate Christmas in the secular 21st century.

There are tales about school nativities, contrasting life as choir boy with the lost of faith and conclusions that God must have a sense of humour if allows Razorlight to exist.

As a semi-agnostic semi-atheist (depending what mood I’m in) this was a funny and engaging reflection on the kind of issues I find myself reflecting on when I’m trying to drone out the sounds of my family arguing about the class system in the room next door.

Because that’s the sort of family we are.

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