Iconic ‘Notting Hill’ Bookshop to Close

The Travel Bookshop

The Travel Bookshop in London’s Notting Hill is set to close in one week unless it is able to find a buyer.

The iconic store that was featured in 1999 British romantic comedy Notting Hill is currently offering it’s stock at half price as despite the shop being on the market since May it has been it has been unable to find a buyer.

Despite remaining a popular tourist attraction for fans of the film, the 32 year old shop was badly hit by the economic downturn and it’s manager Saara Marchadour said:

“I was shocked when the shop was threatened with closure. It’s a great waste of talented staff and 30 years of history. It’s another piece of what makes Notting Hill and Portobello interesting and I will be very sad to see it go. I hope new owners reopen it.”

A campaign has been launched by writers and stars of the film to support the shop and find a way to lower running costs so that it can attract a new owner.

Olivia Cole, a poet and journalist who uses the shop for ‘work and daydreaming’ has volunteered to work one day a week in the shop for free to reduce some of it’s labour costs.

She says, “It’s an amazing specialist bookshop and it has the Notting Hill novelty but it is the same sad story that we’re seeing in high streets all over the country. Loads of independent bookshop are having a bad time. With a bookshop like that beingso unique and so well loved, I was amazed when I heard it was closing.”

Similarily, Alec Baldwin, a star of the originial film, indicated his support on Twitter by tweeting ‘Save The Travel Bookshop’.

London Poet Simon Barraclough also pledged his support.

To find out how the campaign is going, you can follow the Travel Bookshop on Twitter .

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